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All Time XI - Carl Page

Our All Time XI series provides ex-players, coaches, and stalwarts of the club a platform to share their all time Saxmundham Sports FC XI, with a goal of promoting our clubs rich history, whilst enabling those connected with the club to reminisce and share nostalgia.

First to make their selection is our Chairman, Carl Page, whose playing career spanned 30 years across youth and adult football. He has since held coaching positions at the club and been an important part of the committee before becoming Chairman.

I played for Sax adults in two main eras, the earlier being one of the most successful for the Club, and was fortunate enough to play with some excellent teammates. It was extremely difficult to narrow down the selection to 11 starters and 3 subs, and many of those below are former winners of the player of the year award. My apologies to those who I have left out!

GK - Adie Brown

Started as an outfield player but became a keeper after injury. A great shot stopper and would sweep behind the defence. Great character in the dressing room.

DR - Richard Nettleingham ©

Netty made the game look easy. Could play in defence or midfield, and was so calm and assured. He had an amazing ability to make a last ditch tackle when it looked like the player was past him. Great example to others and my team captain.

DL - Simon Ford

On his day Fordy was the best player on the pitch. Prone to some lapses in concentration at times, especially when he found the game too easy, but give him a job to do on the pitch and no-one could beat him.

DCR - David Brown

Not particularly tall but the best timing and spring in any player I have seen. Under-rated with the ball at his feet and one of the fittest players I played with.

DCL - Jody Minter

Came into the first team at a very young age and became a mainstay of the team. Would run all day and was as hard as nails. Stopped playing too early.

MR - Carl Page

I was told I had to pick myself. People tell me I could read a game and was good on the ball, rarely giving it away! I played in almost all positions for Sax, but felt midfield was my best position. Whilst I did not score too many, I did get my fair share of assists (before they were a thing!!)

ML - Phil Stone

In my opinion the best player I ever played with. If Stoney had taken football seriously I am sure he could have played professionally. Had amazing ability and made others around him better players. Always played with a smile and I thoroughly enjoyed the years I had as his teammate.

MCR - David (Woody) Blades

Woody joined Sax in the later stages of his career but what a player he still was. He looked after me when I first joined the team as a youngster, and he was a father figure to many of the young players. I only wish I could have played alongside him in his prime.

MCL - Ivan (Zippy) Fryer

Very close behind Stoney as the best player I have played with. Could be considered lazy at times but then he would do something amazing to win the game. Another one who made the game look easy, and also a great character off the pitch.

ST - John O'Connor

I don’t actually believe we ever saw Johno reach his full potential, but on his day he was unstoppable. Had everything a striker needs, strong, great touch and scored goals.

ST - Richard (Dick) Hall

One of the cleverest players I played with. Not blessed with great pace but his quickness of thought and ability to make the right runs would get him ahead of defenders. A midfielder’s dream player as he always made himself available when you had the ball. Dick also had a fantastic shot and could score from anywhere.

Sub 1 - Ian Morphew

Unfortunate not to be in the starting 11. Another one who made the game look easy. Never flustered on the ball and a great reader of the game.

Sub 2 - Eric Sedge

Started in youth football as a defender and moved to striker in adult football. Great engine and team player, often unselfish for the good of the team.

Sub 3 - Leigh Hammond

We were teammates for only a short while but what a great player. Very much in the Netty mould, calm and assured, and another who stopped playing too early.

If you are interested in taking part and choosing your own All Time XI, please contact Martin Salter at


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